Building Applications of Oil Boiler Fuel Economizer

The building Fuel Economizer is the solution for apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

Installing the Fuel Economizer will save money, decrease fuel consumption and lower your building’s environmental impact. Fuel savings are generally between 12% and 18%; ten percent savings is guaranteed. The Fuel Economizer retrofits onto your existing oil boiler, or boilers, if you have more than one. The cost, including installation, is between $5,000 and $7,000 per boiler depending on system size.

The savings per dollar invested on the Fuel Economizer solution is the most cost effective conservation measure you can implement. No other conservation measure, such as changing windows, adding insulation, etc., compares to the rapid payback time of the Fuel Economizer.

There is a Fuel Economizer for most sizes of steam and hot water systems, and it works with both oil (including numbers 2, 4 and 6 oil) and gas burners. Over the past ten years this conservation device has been providing extraordinary savings in school systems, apartment buildings, religious institutions, super markets, assisted living facilities, and others.
No Risk

If the Oil Economizer does not provide 10% fuel savings, as measured over twelve consecutive months from installation, we will remove it and issue a full refund. Therefore, installation is a no-risk proposition. The Fuel Economizer is UL listed, manufactured by an Energy Star Partner, Patented, with test results audited and verified by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Order Information

After you place your order we will contact you to schedule installation. Installation is done by our trained and licensed heating professionals. Our installer will bring the Fuel Economizer to the site on the scheduled installation date.

For commercial installations, a company representative will do a site assessment at your facility to gather information about your system. Installation will then be scheduled. Installation time is generally between three and four hours per boiler. No followup visit is required after installation.

For residential installations, the Fuel Economizer is installed on the oil boiler controls, generally on the existing Aquastat or mounted on an electrical box near the aquastat. The Fuel Economizer is individually programmed by the installer. Installation typically takes an hour. No followup visit is required. After installation we urge you to register your product on our website.

Smart Technology for Your Oil Boiler

The Fuel Economizer is 4 inches square and attaches to your oil boiler’s existing control which is known as an aquastat. Sensors are then attached at the boiler which provide the Fuel Economizer with the information necessary to calculate the current heating needs of the house.

The Residential Fuel Economizer is the solution for single family home boilers. There are different types. If you want to find out more, have a look at this economizer.

The Fuel Economizer is a computer-based device that gets installed on your existing oil boiler improving its efficiency and allowing you to save fuel, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. It works with oil, propane, and natural gas burners.

The savings are normally between 12% and 18%. We guarantee savings to be at least 10% over a 12 month period commencing on the date of installation or we will remove the device and refund your money. In addition, the product is warranted for 15 years against manufacturer’s defects. This 10/15 guarantee simply means you cannot lose. The cost is $695.00 which includes installation and sales tax.

The Fuel Economizer typically pays for itself in 2 years or less. Payback is governed by three variables:

The price of oil.
The amount of fuel you currently burn.
The performance yield of the unit.

Although the guarantee is 10%, typical fuel savings are higher. To see how changes in these three variables will impact you, please refer to our calculator.

Installation and programming typically takes less than an hour and is done by our licensed installers. Once installed there is no maintenance.

Oil Boiler Fuel Economizer FAQ

What is the Fuel Economizer?

The Fuel Economizer is a microprocessor-controlled device that gets installed onto your boiler and efficiently regulates burn cycles resulting in significant home heating fuel savings.
What is the price?

The price is $695.00 which includes installation and taxes.
What are the savings?

The savings are generally between 12% and 18% or more of fuel consumed. A 10% savings is guaranteed.
Are the savings guaranteed?

Yes. A 10% fuel savings is guaranteed, measured over the course of 12 consecutive months. If 10% savings are not attained, we will remove the unit and return your money – no questions asked.
Is the Fuel Economizer warranted?

Yes. The unit is warranted for 15 years against manufacturer defects.
How can I order the Fuel Economizer?

Simply go to the Buy section of this web site and place your order. We collect payment when installation is complete. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange installation. We accept Visa/Mastercard, check or money order.
Who arranges installation?

We do. Installation is done by a certified installer and is included in the $695 price. Once you place your order, we will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date and time.
Can I install it myself?

We do not recommend it. The Fuel Economizer must be installed by a licensed professional or the guarantee is voided.
Does the Fuel Economizer require maintenance?

No. Once it is installed, it quietly does its work – maintenance free.
Is it a proven technology?

Yes. Intellidyne LLC and its representatives have installed thousands of units over the past ten years. The savings have been proven in the field and in the lab, validated by the most respected laboratories in the country.
Is it Patented?

Yes. The Fuel Economizer is patent protected under patents 5775582 and 5971284.
Does the Fuel Economizer unit work on every boiler?

No. Although it works on most boilers, the Fuel Economizer does not work on modulating or multi chamber boilers. The Fuel Economizer is also not appropriate for boilers that have an outdoor reset.
Does it void the boiler warranty?

No. Manufacturers have not had an issue with installation of this technology.
Can it damage my boiler?

No. The Fuel Economizer causes fewer cycles to occur and the boiler to run for less time resulting in less wear and tear on equipment.
How does the Fuel Economizer differ from an outdoor reset control?

Outdoor reset controls require a thermometer to be installed on the exterior of the house and then requires sophisticated calibration to be effective. The Fuel Economizer does not require this. Outdoor reset control savings are not guaranteed and there is no information display or other method for a homeowner to easily see what the savings are. Fuel Economizer fuel savings of 10% are guaranteed and there is a readable display on every unit. Outdoor reset controls are generally more expensive.
What if my oil company refuses to service my boiler?

This should not happen. The Fuel Economizer only controls when and how frequently the boiler fires up; it does not impact the way the burn occurs. The only practical reason your fuel company would advise against it is because they will sell you less fuel.
Is the Fuel Economizer recyclable?

Yes. The unit can be sent back to us for full recycling.